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Sonic Time Twisted

Sonic Time Twisted

Release Date:April 18, 2017
Platform:Windows PC

A classic-style Sonic fangame epic with time travel, accurate physics, custom pixel art, a fully original CD-quality soundtrack, and sprawling zones with loops, gizmos, alternate routes, and hidden secrets! Stop Metal Sonic from capturing the Time Stones and resurrecting his former master.

Sonic Time Twisted is an unofficial Sonic the Hedgehog game that has been in development as a hobby project for 12 years. Checkout the trailer below and you can download the entire game too.


  • 28 Acts to explore
  • 8 Original Zones
  • 10 Bosses to fight
  • 6 elemental shields including 3 all new ones
  • 360 physics extremely close to the Genesis/MegaDrive Sonic Games
  • 3 Playable Characters Sonic, Tails and Knuckles
  • 14 3D Special Stages
  • Time Travel between the Future and Past


  • Attraction Attack Zone an amusement park partially under the control of Dr. Robotnik in the future, but still under construction in the past.
  • Raging Ruins Zone ancient ruins from a civilizations of the past. See the ruins in all their glory in the past, while in the future the ruins are a backdrop for a great cityscape.
  • Frigid Fortress Zone an icey castle in the past and toxic frozen wasteland in the future. Warp around the future on Sonic and Knuckles bonus stage orbs, or explore the castle in the past.
  • Viridian Valley Zone a lush green style zone, with a marina in the future and prehistoric jungle in the past.
  • Drifting Dynamo
  • Tidal Tubes Zone a water-themed level with lots of pipes for Sonic to travel around in. Race past futuristic buildings in the future, or pillage the pirate ships in the past. Inspired by the the canceled stage Perplex Puzzle and Sonic Zero's Tidal Tubes.
  • Submerged Saucer
  • Planetary Panic

Dueling Ages - Music

The soundtrack Dueling Ages is largely composed arranged and performed by Hinchy. The full soundtrack can be downloaded from the soundtrack repository.